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Post by Christ is My Life! on Wed Aug 22, 2007 3:35 pm

While deep in thought and talking with our Lord regarding many issues at hand on earth these past decades, I was led to spread this particular message.

This message has to do with depictions of Christ. In Orthodox icons, Christ, His mother and all the saints and angels do not carry the faces of men/women as we see them. They are depicted with the idea of not planting images in one's mind. Images of realistic versions of men.

There are millions of depictions of Christ. Beautifully done. Real beautiful, spreading beautiful messages. The fear is this. (As I am guilty of loving these pictures as well!) NOT to implant these images as what Christ really looks like. He is none of these. When the AntiChrist will come, he may utilize very common and popular images so when he produces his miracles, even the very elect will be fooled.

Images of Christ are reminders. They are tools often for people to look upon with admiration, respect and love. Just as we have photos of our loved ones, friends and family.

Times are intense. And I fear for many brothers and sisters in Christ, that they may fall into a serious trap, if indeed someone appears as the Stereotyped pictures of Christ depict Him.

We must all be aware that the devil will utilize not only churches, music, entertainment, books, television, pictures etc....but utilize what has been imprinted upon our minds. Call it mind control, call it whatever you like, but I feel it necessarry to warn anyone I can, not to believe what you see. Each artist has done their own versions of Christ. Many actors have portrayed Christ. Robert Powell is one of them. He is often a noted favorite. I know I love his portrayal. But if one sees a man, whom looks like the portrayals, and this man, let me emphasise man, does amazing miracles, do not fall into it.

This is a time of mass confusion....please do not be one of the billions who will be confused!!!!

Love in Christ!
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