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- How I witness

Post by Christ is My Life! on Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:33 am

Ok. So I know I am not the greatest witness in the world.....For sure, I am not.

But when I don't know what to do....I ask the Holy Spirit to guide my words. And know what happens a lot.....I end up sharing my testimony. Now, I am not a tooter of my own horn....but when I look back at the extremely dangerous waters I was in, and how tight a hold satan had on my every angle of it....and I mean EVERY....I still heard very loudly this voice that told me..."NO don't do that!!!!" Very loud!!!! Not a still quiet voice, like most talk about...I had a shouting conscience!!!" And that same voice leads me on many amazing adventures. Some in which I really dislike, but I somehow make it through and learn something amazing!!!! So, when I am able to share certain, extremely pertinent parts of my testimony, where I can't help but to break down and cry, because it hits me like an explosion sometimes.....I see eyes change...and hear..."You are my hero" etc. And I always say....NO, HE is your hero! He is MY hero! He changed me...because let me tell you, I was pretty darn happy as I was as a miserable worldly person.....doing whatever I pleased, not caring about consequences....paying dearly, yet it wasn't enough to stop my self destruction...until HE came along and gave me new eyes to, I still suffer many things, and I don't care....because He keeps me on the straight and narrow and gives me strength not to turn to my old ways of dealing with things. And the reactions I get are mindblowing....So, I figure, though I don't use bible verses.....I use what the Spirit leads me to do....and that is what it's like living in another world while sharing, then boom when it is over...back to reality....and someone began thinking about God and what Christ has done for humanity, or someone decided to go to church the next Sunday....AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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