A Special message to my Brothers and Sisters

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- A Special message to my Brothers and Sisters

Post by Christ is My Life! on Mon Aug 13, 2007 11:56 pm

person on this earth has a past, present and a future. Mixed within
this timespan is joy, love, excitement, opportunity, feelings over
overwhelming stresses, fears, sadness, insecurity, security.....

Each person will make good decisions, terrible decisions, decisions
that will hurt the self, and decisions that will hurt others.

Each person will laugh with the most intense joy, and cry tears of extremely, intense pain.

Each person will make mistakes....some will be fixed, while others not....

All a part of life's up and down roller coaster. The circle of life.

Some will be rich and lose it all, others will be poor and make it rich.

Some will be rich in wealth, and poor in spirit, some will be poor in wealth and rich in spirit.

Each person has something called free will. A grand gift from God.
Within this gift that God has greatly given us, He has given us a
choice. To Love Him, or to deny Him.

Each person whom chooses to love Him then has other choices. To live a
righteous sin free life, or to continue in sin. To live as He wants
each of us to live, or to live half in Him and half in the world. To
become a follower of God is not an easy life in many aspects. The free
will does not stop once one believes in God. But some do not
understand that to continue in certain roads puts them in dangerous
grounds with our Father. Others find the road so difficult to follow
because their crosses are very heavy and the world scorns them. Some,
through their pain and anguish make terrible decisions and continue in
them, instead of trusting in God, making their road harder, longer and
tougher. Taking them away from God instead of getting closer. Some
hand God only their sorrows, and never their joys and thanksgivings.
The danger zones are heavy and filled with severe consequences. Some
find the narrow road so difficult, but trust God with everything,
knowing in the end, it will be for the benefit of both man and God.
These may not carry danger zones, for they choose to live by God's
will alone. The danger zone they run into, is the world. Not
spiritual, nor eternal.

Some people have been hurt their entire lives. By loved ones, by
strangers, by themselves. Some have never experienced pain outside of
losing a loved one. Some have passed through life with something
millions only dream of....true happiness, A good and happy family and a
strength inside of them from their love of life and of others.

No matter what your path is in life. It is Your path. God chose
you to walk it for a reason. But God asks one thing of each of
you....and that is.....to live each moment of your life with HIM in
mind. For when your focus is on Him, He will lead your steps. Selfish
will turn to selfless, "Me" will turn to Him and Others.

Joy will be found in the simplest of forms, and materials will mean
nothing. Pain will still exist, but there will be hope. Life will
continue on, and so will you! Why? Because God loves you and it is
His will for you!

In free will, we are given the choice to spend time with God, or
time in the world, doing our daily things. Isn't it a lovely gift to
God to spend time with Him? Share with Him, worship Him? The more
time you spend with Him, the less you will hurt, the more love you will
be able to spread, and your heart will have an eternal flame of light
shining through. The more time you spend with God, the more weapons
you will have against the evils that surround.

Each person in the world has free will and a choice. What is your choice?

Love in Christ!
Christ is My Life!
Christ is My Life!

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- Re: A Special message to my Brothers and Sisters

Post by texastig on Sun Aug 19, 2007 12:37 am

It's nice to have a choice.


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