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- Birth pangs of 2007? You tell me!

Post by Christ is My Life! on Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:07 am

I found this, and thought it was interesting. I will try to find for the previous years too. If anyone can find a list from the 90's on up, that would be great. Here is for 2007. This does not list the fires in July in Greece, or other areas of Europe, nor does it mention the big earthquake in Japan that is listed on another topic thread here. But, here is what I consider a smaller list.

2007 Disasters
January 2007 Disasters

* Jan. 1, Indonesia: Adam Air Flight KI-574, flying from Java to Manado, crashed in stormy weather and strong winds, killing all of the 102 people on board.
* Jan. 12, Athens, Greece: the U.S. embassy was fired on by an anti-tank missile causing damage but no injuries.
* Jan. 1216, Tex., Okla,, Mo., Mich., Ind., Iowa, N.Y., N.H., Maine: a winter storm with heavy sleet, ice, and snow moved across 9 states, from Texas to Maine, resulting in extensive power outages and causing 65 storm-related deaths of which 23 were in Oklahoma. Washington state, Oregon, and California also experienced freezing weather.
* Jan. 16, Louisville, Ky.: a CSX freight train carrying chemical cargo derailed and 14 cars ignited, forcing the evacuation of homes and closing roads including 20 miles of Interstate 65. There were no injuries.

February 2007 Disasters

* Feb. 2, Florida: At least 20 people died when tornadoes and thunderstorms ripped through central Florida.
* Feb. 18, India: Two homemade bombs exploded on a train headed for Pakistan from India, killing at least 70.
* Feb. 18, Thailand: Some 30 coordinated bombs exploded at bars, hotels, and electricity transmitters in Pattani Province, killing or wounding 60 people.

March 2007 Disasters

* March 1, Ala., Minn., Miss., and Ga.: Storms hit Alabama, Minnesota, Missouri, and Georgia, killing about 20 people, including eight high school students.
* March 6, Sumatra, Indonesia: Two earthquakes, magnitudes 6.4 and 6.3, struck the island of Sumatra two hours apart, killing at least 70 people.
* March 7, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: A Garuda Indonesia Airlines plane overshot the runway and crashed, killing 22 of the 140 people on board.
* March 19, Ulyanovskaya, Russia: A methane explosion killed 110 people in a coal mine. It was the worst mine disaster in recent Russian history. .

April 2007 Disasters

* April 1, Honiara, Solomon Islands: Magnitude 8.1 earthquake and ensuing tsunami left at least 34 dead and thousands homeless.
* April 16, Blacksburg, Va.: A Virginia Tech student killed 32 fellow students and then himself in the most deadly shooting rampage in U.S. history.

May 2007 Disasters

* May 5, Doula, Cameroon: A Kenya-bound Kenya Airways plane took off in stormy weather and crashed moments later, killing all 114 people on board.

* May 7, Kansas: A tornado destroyed a small farming town, killing 10.

* May 24, Novokuznetsk, Russia: A methane explosion killed 38 coal miners in Yubileniniaya, two months after a smiliar explosion in a nearby town killed 110.

June 2007 Disasters

* June 10, Chittagong, Bangladesh and Beijing, China: Mudslides set off by heavy monsoon rains killed at least 62 people in Bangladesh. Torrential rains in southern China caused flooding in small cities and farming villages, killing at least 66.
* June 18, Charleston, S.C.: Nine firefighters died when a roof collapsed during a fire in a furniture warehouse.
* June 24, Karachi, Pakistan: More than 200 people died during severe storms in Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city.

July 2007 Disasters

* July 8, West Bengal, India: Monsoon rains and flooding left 660 dead and more than a million stranded.
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