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- False Prophet/signs and wonders

Post by Glory to God on Sat Jun 23, 2007 5:45 pm

False Prophet........Bringing sings and wonders to deceive to world. Look at this I could not believe he is out there to deceive. False Prophet/signs and wonders Shock I edited the word darn, that is not original word.

There are many religions that people worship to escape being cast into the lake of fire, on Judgment Day, and entering the Kingdom of Paradise where they will receive everlasting life.
But, only one of these religions can be "The Truth," whereby souls are saved, and all others have to be lies that darn all souls to the eternal flames of hell fire.

What most people don't think about is that it's impossible for the Creator, of all things, to give humanity all these opposing religions with opposing formulas for receiving everlasting life and escaping the lake of fire.

The Creator can only give one religion and only one way for your soul to be saved.

Because of this, the question is:

How can we know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, what religion is the true religion that will keep our souls from being darned and take us into the Kingdom of Paradise?

I have been researching the answer to this question for over a quarter century, and I have found the answer!

The purpose of this site is to introduce humanity to:

1.) the knowledge and worship of YAHWEH, which I have found to be the original and true religion, and only religion, whereby souls can be saved

2.) the indisputable proof that all religions, other than the religion of YAHWEH, darns people souls

3) how YAHWEH chose the nation of Israel, who are black people of slave descent, to take His religion to all nations so all people could be saved

4.) how the Luciferian conspiracy against YAHWEH, destroyed the black Israelites and overthrew the worship of YAHWEH and supplanted it on earth

5.) how YAHWEH plans to return the black Israelites to the land of Israel so they can restore the pure and unadulterated worship of YAHWEH on earth for all nations

6. when YAHWEH is going to send His Messiah to reign over the black Israelites and set them back up as the rightful rulers of the world from whence they fell

7.) how the Messiah is going to destroy all religions other than the worship of YAHWEH because of the soul murder they have committed against humanity for far too long

8.) how all humanity will be brought back under the authority of the black Israelites and worship of YAHWEH, for the rest of time, in YAHWEH's eternal Kingdom.

If you are interested in knowing more and seeing the proof of all these things I have said, go to my "Teachings" page.

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