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Post by channing28105 on Thu May 13, 2010 3:55 am

I am in need of prayers about these things below:
1. I am in need of prayers because I have an appointment to discuss possibly haveing Surgery with a Surgeon for my Stomach that moves out of place and to fix my Hiatal Hernia on May 18 because if the Surgeon says that I am going to Die I will not be able to have the surgery
2. I am in need of prayers because I am haveing bvery bad vomiting and throwing up and regurgitation that is VERY BOTHERSOME
3. I am in need of Prayers because I am feeling depressed about several things and I would like to talk to someone in a private email about these things

If you can pray for me please message me. If you can talk to me in Private about the things I am Feeling Depressed about please message me.



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