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00 Hell Is A Real Place

Post by everready on Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:25 pm


Day 1
This has to be a mistake but I don’t know where to go for help. I am
not supposed to be here. Hell was not my destiny. It is all a mistake.
I am a good person. I’ve never hurt anyone. I have been a member of
my church for as long as I can remember. I tithed and helped build
the recreation center. I even taught Vacation Bible School the summer the regular teacher was ill.
How can I, of all people, be in this place?
I wish I would get tired but I can’t get tired. I want to go to sleep
to escape this for a little while. If sleep were even possible here,
I think the screams would keep me awake.

I wish the screaming would stop.

The pain is too much to bear. I’ve never known fear like this. I
thought the bad times I had on earth without peace were Hell, but I
was wrong. The complete absence of the presence of God is more than unbearable…it is truly Hell.

Day 2

A man came in today that was screaming that it was a mistake. He
sounded like me yesterday. He was a deacon or an elder or something
like that. Someone must be messing up bad somewhere to be sending all of us here.

I wish the screaming would stop.

My tongue feels like I ate dust mixed with hot sauce. It is dry and
on fire. There is no water here. I am told this feeling is normal but
is unable to be quenched. How is this possible?
People filter in all day. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a trickle, but
they are always coming. But always the screams...

I wish the screaming would stop.

Day 3

Or at least I think this is the third day. I have no sense of time
here. I saw Hitler and asked him what day this was. He screamed this
was his third day. How is that possible? He has been dead for over fifty years?
How can he think it is his third day? Perhaps there is no time here. I will continue to amuse myself
with this diary until I am called to heaven…I know it has to happen.

I wish the screaming would stop.

I tell these horrible creatures around me that I helped the Mission’s
Department raise money. I did anything that was asked of me. Sure, I
had some vices, but who doesn’t? I cheated on my income taxes sometimes,
but the government had it coming. They take too much from the hard workers!
Yes, I peeked at a little pornography every now and then. Surely Jesus would understand.
He is a very loving God and the good I do must outweigh the bad.
I can't help but remember every moment that I am here the evangelist
that came to our church! Whew! He spoke on the damnation of our souls…
like that could happen to any good person. He said God would never send anyone to Hell.
I even “Amened” him on that point. Then he said that only we, individually, could do that
by refusing to repent. A bit heavy on that “holiness stuff” considering we live in the 21st century.
We are an advanced and intellectual people. We don’t worship idols of stone, so what could God
really care if we give Him our time on Sundays and some Wednesdays and live the rest of the time taking care of ourselves? Is that really bad? I think not.

Still the screaming comes and interrupts my thoughts. When will the
screaming stop?

Too many people are screaming and I can’t think anymore.

Day 4

Or so I think. I least it makes me feel better to make these day
breaks for myself.
Wait…there is a pull drawing me upward! Yes! I knew I would get out
of here. Finally. Someone realized their mistake. This is the first
time in what seems like an eternity that I am not in pain. I feel peace again. God must be near.
There is light all around. And a throne…so big and shining white. The singing is so beautiful!

I still hear that screaming.

Saved by grace and grace alone
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