Bee's Bee's where are all the bees?

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- Bee's Bee's where are all the bees?

Post by Christ is My Life! on Mon Oct 29, 2007 10:48 am

Several months ago, I learned that bees are suffering around the planet and dying at an alarming rate. Well, I did some research, and as usual, there are a bunch of theories. However, Albert Einstein apparently claimed that if bees were to become extinct, so will people about 4 years later. so, with all the conspiracy theorist, and Mayan calendar followers...IF it were to rise more this year...that would make the end of humanity in 2012.

Ok. Not trying to scare people...just stating what I read.

However....Ya all know my obsession with the chemtrails in the skies.....

Guess what? I am finding dead bees all over the place. About a month ago, on all our balconies were a lot of dead bees and moths. I thought it was from the weather changes...but bees are harty little critters. During that time, I found a praying mantis on one balcony in which I found about 10 dead bees...the day or so before.

What do ya think?

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