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Post by Christ is My Life! on Mon Oct 29, 2007 10:04 am

I want to share an experience we had as a family yesterday. Perhaps the rest of my family did not see things as I did, but I feel so very renewed. Praise the Lord.

We took a drive up some off road...hmmm, what can I call them? Roads? Well, IF you could call them that...Up some mountains....not super high, because it was a test of our new off road vehicle. It was a bit scary, as in Greece, some of the most beautiful areas, are extremely dangerous to get to.

It is common to see memorials on the sides of the roads because throughout Greece there are cliffs just a few feet from the passengers door that if one does not drive carefully, or know the route, major accidents happen.

Now, we took a few roads....and amazingly, each one had a church hidden in the wooded areas. (I love Greece for this fact)

So we got to stop at 3 churches during our adventure.

Well, let me tell you....we didn't see the entire view....because we were to nervous about the roads.....But what we saw was FANTASTIC! So fantastic that my spirit feels renewed....and my husband feels the same. He can't wait to know this vehicle so we can do some serious nature trips......AMEN!

SO, I praise God for showing us these "Little secrets" here in Greece that were so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful that it energized us. Our youngest is nuts about what she saw....just a wonderful day with the family on some wonderful adventures! Something we all need to do once in a while to remember the beauty of God's earth...the untouched earth. Glorious, awe inspiring beauty!

We get so caught up in our daily lives, that sometimes we forget what HE created for us.

I thnk our Almighty Father in heaven for allowing us such a wonderful day, filled with beauty, laughter, a wee bit of fear....(OK, a few times we all got scared!!!!!shock2 (I said to the girls, don't look right....canyon!!! lol) But through our fear we were laughing and enjoying the incredible views. Amen!

Each morning, I walk my youngest to school. Her school is on the beach. (Next to) We see the sun rising every morning with the reflection rippling on the water. The fishing boats, the sea gulls, the clouds.....such a wonderful way to start the day. She always says, "Mom...I LOVE to see the Sun on the water. It makes me so happy!"
I thank our ALmighty Father for showing my youngest how wonderfully beautiful the morning sunrise is, and for her appreciation of it.


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