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Post by nomoreracism on Wed May 23, 2007 6:27 pm

Good morning friends!

Today I would like for us to think about how RACISM has effected the millions and millions of lives of each of our brethren.

Today please go out of your way and hug someone.

Tell them about the Gospel and tell them Jesus loves them.

Thank you

Have a wonderful day



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- No Respecter Of Persons..

Post by everready on Sat Sep 22, 2007 1:25 pm

God is not a respecter of person's no mater whether white red yellow black blue-black and etc. So let us see how he feels about it, for it matters not what we think.

I. The object of this love. The object of this love is the world; not a part of it, but the world. There is no reason in the nature of things why one part of mankind should be loved, more than another part, because, observe, this love was not exercised to saints as such, and had not respect to the character of the men of the world; but it was to a world of sinners, towards which this love was exercised. God loved men as a race, as sinners, the enemies of God. Now there was no reason why part of the race of sinners should be loved, and not all of them; and the same kind of love which could possibly love a part of men, of necessity, from its very nature loved the whole of them--this is the only love, a universal love, which could have been exercised towards man by a good being. But this leads me to inquire in the next place into--

A quote from Charles Finney

In Christ,
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