The eyes the Lord gives.

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- The eyes the Lord gives.

Post by Christ is My Life! on Thu Oct 18, 2007 6:48 pm

Remembering, days long ago, when everything just felt just fine.

No cares in the world, no paying attention. Heart still big, but not faint.

Looking around, even the sins were acceptable...until that one day.

Ever since that one day, like Paul, I realize, I was blinded. Very blind. Yes, things hurt, yes, tears were cried for those who suffered, but beyond that, it was emptiness. Now that emptiness is filled, and the eyes see clearer....I look upon the world with a deep and utter sadness. How does He not cry every moment as He looks down upon this sinful world and all its sicknesses in it. How does He not cry?

Just a small look through the eyes the Lord gives......

Jesus is Lord!
Christ is My Life!

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