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Post by Christ is My Life! on Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:30 am

WHy did I title this ME?

I will tell you.

For many Christians, the word "Me" entails selfishness as its definition. Me Me Me....what about Me>???!!!

Yet, while taking the faith journey, the pilgrimage into discipleship, often times the focus Must be on to cleanse ME, how to Feed ME, how to LET GO OF ME!

So often we want to save others....but first mustn't we focus on the saving of ME? It took me many years to grasp this concept...and I am still IN the middle of grasping it. For I try to be selfless, though I am known to be selfish....(On petty things, such as daily issues)

I had taken the definition of ME and turned it into a selfishness. How dare I want to save myself before I make sure my family is saved. How dare I save myself before I save my friends, etc. Not outwardly was this attitude, inside was this attitude. Almost as if I was not good enough to be saved. Now, I still don't think having that attitude is completely wrong, as it is humbling, however, I no longer agree with it 100% like I had before. To understand the ME in all of this, is to begin to grasp the concept of self. What is self? Are we who we see in the mirror, or whom others see? OF course NOT. We are far deeper than that. The ME is a spirit, a core, an essence, a being that God wants only for Himself.

I no longer find it selfish to want ME to be the focus of my salvation. For no-one but ONE can save ME....and is ME willing to give it all to be completely HIS? ME HOPES SO!!!!!

Jesus is Lord!
Christ is My Life!
Christ is My Life!

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