Aug 28 Lunar Eclipse

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- Aug 28 Lunar Eclipse

Post by Christ is My Life! on Sat Aug 25, 2007 3:34 am

This is just to remind you that there will be a total lunar

eclipse on August 28th. It will be best viewed in the Asia -

Pacific sphere, and western North America, and is said to be

the best lunar eclipse during the past seven years.

It has been quite cloudy and rainy here during the past

several days, but I am hoping that we will have clear skies

on the evening of the 28th, as we are located in the best

area to view the full eclipse. I am hoping that we may even

see a full red moon that night at the height of the eclipse.

Check your local media, astronomy organizations,

observatories, etc., to see if it will be viewable in your

area, or check on the Internet, such as here:

For North American viewers, the eclipse will occur during the

early morning hours, prior to sunrise, while for us here in

the Pacific, it will occur just at the right time, shortly

after sunset, since we are GMT+10.

(This was sent to me from a friend)
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