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- Revelations and mysteries

Post by Christ is My Life! on Sun Aug 19, 2007 9:49 pm

I wanted to share this because sometimes when we lose focus, and think towards self, we lose the meaning of prayer.

Last night, I was reading some scripture. Afterwards I came here and was reading a response on the topic of marriage that I had begun, and have yet to finish. As I was reading it, I saw it with different eyes. I thought to myself, No way did I write that. Then I read the response from our loved TT. Immediately my mind went to Respect....and it dawned on me that what I have been praying for in my life was the wrong request.

So, I went to my balcony and sat and looked at the stars. I am outside constantly, as the breeze on these hot days, is so refreshing. Suddenly I smelt the most beautiful fragrance. At first I thought it was Jasmine, but no-one has Jasmine near us. THEN the smell got so strong, like I was suddenly placed in the center of a rose garden. There are no roses among the neighbors homes here, so I found it a bit odd.

Now, 2 times in my life, I have been inside my home, and smelt roses so strong, and those 2 times I had great revelations in my life. I consider this one of God's great mysteries.....and as I write this, I smell them yet again.....whifs coming in and out....and it is amazing.

I am in my room typing, with no fresh flowers, nor any roses anywhere near our vicinity. These are precious moments, special gifts from our Father above to remind us of His everlasting presence in our lives. When we search, and then it dawns on us, the answers to our questions, or we find what we are looking for, our Father blesses us.

For me, many blessings came in the form of animals. Be it on the roadside, a bird flying past my face, a stray dog walking with me as if we lived years together....Since I was a small child, God has given me many special encounters with wild animals....ones where there seems to be an understanding. I was once called a bird charmer by a pet store owner here, whom said, everytime I came into her store, all the birds were in awe with me. They stopped their chattering and just stared at me. Of course, I love birds, so I went to most all of the cages to babble with them. She did not tell me, her customers did. Not one, a few. (I thought that was sooooooooo cool!!! lol)

But as I ponder upon my past and my present and all the things I want "Fixed" in my life. I realized, I do not ask for much. I don't ask for money, I don't ask for things....I ask for one thing....respect. Something which my family lacks for me at the moment. As I think most mothers and wives go through this. But, I asked for respect for the wrong person during prayer....I kept asking for ME, ME, is our FATHER who needs our respect. For when one respects our Father in heaven, then one will respect all of those around him/her. Once that revelation came, I was in an invisible garden. Like the one I am in now, as I type this.

I share this, not to reveal a secret, but to share a revelation in how to pray. For if I have learned something important, then it is my duty to share it with others who struggle as I do. This is an amazing feeling to be able to share this. To some, it may seem silly, but to others it may help change ones thinking.

In closing, I pray for all of us, that for those who lack understanding, or consideration or respect, that we pray for them to understand how to Respect our Father in Heaven! This is my prayer for the world!
Christ is My Life!
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